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Become a world-class

Sparkwise is where ambitious professionals build the skills and connections they need to crush it in their career — one fun group challenge at a time.







Learning meets Escape Room

Immerse in 1-hour challenges with peers to level up yourself professionally.

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Why people love us

"I love that Sparkwise makes it possible to chat with colleagues in real time while solving interesting problems."

"This is a way better experience than watching eye-numbing videos. I love it."

"This was a terrific combination of individual and group learning. The tech feels groundbreaking!"

"This was a fun and immersive experience with coworkers—I love the mix of group and solo work. I am a fan!"

"It was a unique experience! It's fun to solve problems together with teammates in a live setting."

"Our session was engaging and interactive with many great chances to apply our learning."

"I really enjoyed this experience—it's great to collaborate with colleagues on real-life situations."

"Our session was very collaborative and made it easier for professional development happen remotely."

Why it works

Our patent-pending technology recreates the way that best-in-class organizations develop their people.

Truly interactive and fun

Learn by solving problems together in 1-hour bursts — packed with hands-on practice and meaningful conversations.

A network of ambitious peers

Make new friends. Solving challenges in small groups is a much better way to meet people than cringey networking.

Built on real-world expertise

Learn skills and insights that leaders have gained from top companies like McKinsey, Google, Mobius, and more.

Fits into your busy schedule

Grow efficiently with bite-sized sessions. You can also dial your engagement up and down at will.

Greater visibility at work

Boost your performance and recognition. We send you and your manager tips to highlight and reinforce your growth.

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