Ari Bader-Natal

Co-founder and CTO
Ari is obsessed with creating online learning venues that enable new futures and unlock new opportunities, and has a particular passion for creating effective social and collaborative learning experiences.

Ari Bader-Natal designs, builds, and operates digital venues that enable individuals to access new opportunities and create new futures. Ari helped launch and run two new institutions — Calbright College and Minerva Schools (now Minerva University) — serving as the CTO at Calbright and the Chief Learning Scientist (and Employee #1) at Minerva. Ari was the first inventor of eight U.S. patents and a contributing author on “Building the Intentional University” (MIT Press, 2017.) Ari previously served as the Chief Learning Architect at Grockit, an educational technology startup, where he developed the company’s core technologies in social learning, adaptive assessment, and learning analytics. Ari holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Brandeis University. More at