Train world-class professionals with fun multiplayer learning

We combine active problem solving, real-time teamwork, and practical curricula to help your team achieve years of growth in months. Deploy training in no time, at a fraction of the cost.

How does it work?

Our platform powers "immersions": live, expert-built group learning sessions that last for <1 hour 🚀
Hands-on practice

People learn best by doing. We solve problems, create outputs, and share fast feedback.

Real-time collaboration

Solo modules are boring. We learn in teams to make it engaging and insightful.

Tangible skills + impact

We target practical skills, mindsets, and behaviors to drive change—fast.

Fun team bonding

Interpersonal relationships matter. We deepen connections through play.

At will + on budget

Train any skill anytime, at any scale. Live learning has never been so easy and affordable.

Easy implementation

Integration is hassle-free. We can work standalone or alongside any LMS or LXP.

complete their curated immersions
find the learning valuable
find the experience engaging

Trusted by ambitious teams, big and small

Whether you are at a Fortune 500, startup, public agency, or non-profit, Sparkwise helps unlock your team’s full potential.

Don't just take our word for it

Hear the love from leaders
"I like how practical Sparkwise is. It breaks topics down to digestible chunks so anyone can learn them."
Director of Operations
Series B startup
“I see the impact. Sparkwise participants stand out in how they lead meetings, write emails, and create reports.”
Senior Director of Strategy
Fortune 200 travel company
“My team loves the 'escape room' learning experience. It's immediately applicable and memorable.”
Managing Director
Fortune 500 bank
And the love from learners
"I like the combination of solo and group work."
"I enjoy the team collaboration!"
"Perfect amount of learning each time."
"Love the immediate feedback."
"Feels therapeutic."
"Super applicable challenges!"
"Incredibly interactive."
"Really forces you to actively engage."
"Great to bounce ideas with peers."
"MUCH better than click-through videos."
"Amazing to interact with time constraints!"
"Time efficient!"
"Fun to do it with other people!"

Set everything to run on autopilot

1. Pick immersions

As a leader, you can choose training topics that align with your team goals.

2. Set to run anytime

Specify when you want the immersions to run for whom.

3. Get insights

Watch as the immersions work their magic. Get ongoing progress reports.

Automate custom immersions

Looking to revamp your existing training? Or launch new ones? With us, you can build experiential learning that runs on its own.

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