Skill Building meets Escape Room

Sparkwise gives your team an exciting way to master business skills together, through multiplayer challenges, available on demand.
“I've just seen my team improve by leaps and bounds—on written, email, and verbal communication, on meeting organization, and more.”
Jwala Karnik, MD
EVP, Hydrafacial

How does it work?

Our patent-pending technology powers 1-hour group challenges that distill skills & insights from industry experts 🚀
Hands-on practice

People learn best by doing. We solve problems, create outputs, and share fast feedback.

Real-time collaboration

Solo modules are boring. We learn in teams to make it engaging and insightful.

Tangible skills + impact

We target practical skills, mindsets, and behaviors to drive change—fast.

Fun team bonding

Interpersonal relationships matter. We deepen connections through play.

At will + on budget

Train any skill anytime, at any scale. Live learning has never been so easy and affordable.

Easy implementation

Integration is hassle-free. We can work standalone or alongside any LMS or LXP.

learner satisfaction

Don't just take our word for it

Hear the love from leaders
"What makes Sparkwise different is the style of learning. It automates away the manual effort of expensive in-person learning but is much more engaging than the online modules you click through."
Ian Goldstein
CEO, Soar Autism Center
“Our teams really enjoy the 'solving problems together with peers' component of Sparkwise. It's out of the regular workday in terms of content, so it's risk-free, social, and fun.”
Leon Mishkis
COO, NewtonX
“I see folks coming out of the sessions feeling like they had actionable takeaways. Very concrete strategies and tools that they can implement in the moment, on topics that they are working on.
Amie Ninh
Head of DEI, Clever
And the love from learners
"I like the combination of solo and group work."
"I enjoy the team collaboration!"
"Perfect amount of learning each time."
"Love the immediate feedback."
"Feels therapeutic."
"Super applicable challenges!"
"Incredibly interactive."
"Really forces you to actively engage."
"Great to bounce ideas with peers."
"MUCH better than click-through videos."
"Amazing to interact with time constraints!"
"Time efficient!"
"Fun to do it with other people!"

Get your team started in no time

1. Pick topics

Choose target outcomes & skills

2. Schedule sessions

Specify when & for whom

3. Let us take care of the rest

Get insights on progress & impact

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Automate custom sessions

Looking to revamp your existing training? Or launch new ones? With us, you can build interactive sessions that run on their own.

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