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How teams master

Sparkwise is a live group learning platform where teams actively practice skills together by solving collaborative challenges.

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Immerse your team in 1-hour challenges to build skills and spark conversations.

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Leaders love that we’re


Leaders love that we’re


Leaders love that we’re


Leaders love that we’re


"I've just seen my team improve by leaps and bounds—on written, email, and verbal communication, on meeting organization, and more."

Jwala Karnik, MD
Jwala Karnik, MD
EVP, Hydrafacial

"What makes Sparkwise different is the style of learning. It automates away the manual effort of expensive in-person learning but is much more engaging than the online modules you click through."

Ian Goldstein
Ian Goldstein
CEO, Soar Autism Center

"Our teams really enjoy the 'solving problems together with peers' component of Sparkwise. It's out of the regular workday in terms of content, so it's risk-free, social, and fun."

Leon Mishkis
Leon Mishkis
COO, NewtonX

"I see folks coming out of the sessions feeling like they had actionable takeaways. Very concrete strategies and tools that they can implement in the moment, on topics that they are working on."

Amie Ninh
Amie Ninh
Head of DEI, Clever

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Learning meets Escape Room

Our patent-pending multiplayer technology is built for how adults learn best.

Actual skill mastery, not just click-click

Improve skills with hands-on practice. Collaborative challenges let people dive in together, explore ideas, and learn by doing.

Conversations that unite teams

Nurture your team’s connections. Sparkwise creates an informal space for people to share perspectives and grow closer together.

Built on real-world expertise

Make learning practical. Bite-sized lessons distill insights that leaders have gained from McKinsey, Google, Mobius, and more.

Designed for busy professionals

Make learning efficient. Sparkwise enables fast-paced practice in 1-hour bursts.

Insights that stick

See lasting impact. Sparkwise prompts your team to turn learning into action and gives you tips to support them.

Custom journey, at will

Tailor the session sequence for any team, anytime, at any scale. Sparkwise is a flexible and scalable way for you to invest in your people.

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