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Human-centered meeting planning

Run meetings that move both minds and hearts of the participants

For managers and executives

Human-centered meeting planning
Why this topic matters

Meetings, at their core, are about people. Great meeting leaders put participants at the center of meeting design to make the sessions truly impactful.

What participants will do together
  • Review mind and heart objectives for meetings
  • Draft an effective meeting plan for a business scenario
  • Exchange feedback, reflections, and plans to apply it in real life
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Participant reflections

"I'd like to be transparent about the desired heart expectations in my next all-hands meeting with my team."

"We need to remember that there are not only intellectual points but also emotional points in meetings."

"I will consider a meeting's objectives before scheduling one, and the mind/heart objectives when planning the agenda."

"I will implement heart objectives in my meetings by asking people how they feel about topics and ideas."

"This was a fun and immersive experience with coworkers—I love the mix of group and solo work. I am a fan!"

"This was a terrific combination of individual and group learning. The tech feels groundbreaking!"

"This is a way better experience than watching eye-numbing videos. I love it."

"I love that Sparkwise makes it possible to chat with colleagues in real time while solving interesting problems."




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Why it works

Our patent-pending multiplayer technology is built for how adults best learn and grow together.

Truly interactive, not just click-click

Keep your team immersed. Realistic, collaborative challenges let people dive in together, explore ideas, and learn by doing.

Conversations that unite teams

Nurture your team’s connections. Sparkwise creates an informal space for people to share perspectives and grow closer together.

Built on real-world expertise

Give your team practical skills. Bite-sized lessons distill insights that leaders have gained from McKinsey, Google, Mobius, and more.

Designed for busy professionals

Make learning efficient. Sparkwise enables fast-paced practice in 1-hour bursts.

Insights that stick

See lasting impact. Sparkwise prompts your team to turn learning into action and gives you tips to support them.

Custom journey, at will

Tailor the session sequence for any team, anytime, at any scale. Sparkwise is a flexible and scalable way for you to invest in your people.

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